1. We clarify the problem. During a free of charge conversation we ascertain what your real needs are. Legal representation? An out of court agreement? A well prepared contract? Or you might not need an attorney at all? Sometimes more solutions are possible. In any of these cases we help you to find the best solution to be able to make the right decisions.
  2. We clarify the way of our co-operation. On our part, this is a business offer. If you accept it, we enter into a contract and co-operate until the desired result. If you don’t accept it, no hard feelings.
  3. We invest our full time and effort on your case as we know it’s your case which is the most important and of the upmost urgency to you. We will ensure that our work on your case is completed in the most effective and quickest way possible.
  4. We will keep you up-to-date at every step of the case and you should never hesitate to call us when you have any questions or queries. If we are unavailable we will of course call you back as soon as possible. We wouldn’t like either having to wait for a reply of someone providing us with a service for days.
  5. In our law firm every client has a partner level official in charge, even if an associate lawyer or another colleague might be working on the case. The partner co-ordinates the administration of the case and keeps in touch with you ensuring the minimalisation of time losses.
  6. During our partnership we ensure every effort is being made to be remembered as the attorneys who kept their promises.

  1. We don’t tell you that you need an attorney, if we consider you are able to manage your case on your own or we can’t help you to be successful in your case. We believe that attorneys should add more value to the case than simply increase the cost of the transaction.
  2. We don’t want to persuade you to enter into legal action without any chance of being successful (and what is more, we’ll tell you your actual chances of success). We believe that attorneys should solve the problems and not compound them.
  3. We don’t take on more assignments than our capacity to have enough time for the already undertaken assignments. We believe that enough time is needed to do quality work and perform well.
  4. We don’t ask for more payment than the agreed fee. If we had twice as much work with the case as we estimated, it will be our risk. We learn from the experience but we don’t want our customers to pay the cost of our “education”.
  5. We will not suddenly become unavailable after you completed the payment of the fee. We will be available at all point of times for you.