When you choose an attorney you have to find the answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the attorney have relevant practice and language knowledge if it is necessary in the area?
  2. Does the attorney have enough time to deal with the case?
  3. Is the value for money acceptable? and mainly
  4. Can you trust the attorney?

If one of the answers is no, you have to look for another attorney.

The bigger law firms – usually with international background – provide the whole spectrum of legal services. But not all of their attorneys are professionals in all areas, each attorney works in his/her own profile. So, at the “other end of the line” there is one attorney who has relevant practice in a certain area the same as at a small law firm. Consequently, the key of the high quality professional service depends on the professional experience of the attorney rather than the size of the law firm.
The Dezsényi Law Firm is an independent law firm which is small in numbers but ensures the high quality of the professional services with significant specialization.
Above all the Corporate and Commercial Law, Public Administration Law and Employment Law related to the medium size companies we provide our services mainly in Compensation Law and Family Law. Certainly we prepare sell-purchase and other contracts and we provide company establishment and modification services. We are not engaged in Criminal Law at all.
As you could read on the previous pages we undertake as many assignments as we can reasonably complete. Obviously we have less capacity than the big international law firms but from this point of view we are in better position than the colleagues working solely.
Confidence is the most important question when you choose an attorney. In Hungary the clients usually choose attorney upon recommendation. We would be overestimating if we thought that somebody would choose us right after reading our website, even if we are writing here: “sure, you may trust us!”. But if you don’t have better reference, well, it is our pleasure to be at your disposal.
The typical answer would be: “who wins all the litigations”. However it is impossible. In most of the litigations there is a winning and a losing party. And to be briefed on advocacy by one or the other party is not depending on the attorney.
In our opinion a good attorney is able to determine in advance the chance or the proportion of the successful win with good accuracy after becoming acquainted with the case and with this knowledge, is able to hold the client without a chance back from the litigation or convince the parties to have a reasonable compromise.
Finally one more idea: who has only one litigation case in his entire life and wins it wins all his litigations. Would you prefer an attorney like this?
If you have to ask this question, do it at once! The earlier point in time of the case you brief an attorney the bigger chance you will have to find the best solution.
The prices of the big international law firms are so called international based fees. Our fee is about the Hungarian average fee so we are not among the cheapest law firms but we keep a reassuring distance from the most expensive ones.
The legal services are relatively expensive but you mustn’t forget that the generating potential of the additional value is high. The client will be satisfied if the fee compared to the potential result is acceptable. We keep this in focus. On the other hand the fee depends on the type of the case, the attorney’s related liability, the result to be archived and the expended time.
Anyway, the most expensive legal service is the one which you did not receive but you should have received.
It depends on the resort. In the monthly fee of the continual brief some certain hours of work are included. We set the agreed hours according to the client’s probable needs. The hourly fee in the agreed hours is significantly lower than the usual hourly fee. Over the agreed hours we still offer our plus services lower than the usual hourly fee. Above this we regard the free phone consultation as a service included in the fee of the continual brief.