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Dr. DEZSÉNYI, Attila LL.M.
attorney-at-law, economist

On our website we try to avoid the general terms and experiences systematically represented by the law firms’ websites. So we

  • DON’T bore you with reciting, which university we attended, where we worked, what our hobbies are or when our firm was established,
  • DON’T want to push you to establish a company within one day or get us to prepare a sell-purchase contract on a fixed price,
  • DON’T declare, that we are the best attorneys in the world (anyway we are fairly good) or we are the cheapest on the market and finally
  • DON’T say that our litigation-winning index is outstanding, because without suitable statistics we don’t have a base for comparison. Neither have those who say they do.

BUT WE TELL YOU, that we want to enjoy our work, work with our clients on a partnership basis, work with colleagues we like and go home every day with a sense of genuine satisfaction of our clients.

Okay, you might think, anybody can say this to you. But what is that certain extra quality, somebody should do to actually archive this? The answer is very simple.
  • We will complete what we take on.
  • We mean what we say.
  • We perform to the terms of the agreements with our partners.
  • We are not satisfied with “good enough” if there are better solutions.
  • Finally: we take our work seriously but we don’t overestimate our importance.
In brief: we want to be the good guys. This phrase does not fall under the every day law firm philosophy. But we don’t want to be “every day”.

Corporate customers

Above a certain size, as the number of business relations and employees is growing sooner or later companies might face legal disputes. On top of this, companies might find themselves in inconvenient situations in a wide variety of routine cases. Just thinking of the often altered legal circumstances for example.

There are two types of solutions, the reactive and the proactive approach …


There are a lot of attorneys. Which one should I choose?

When you choose an attorney you have to find the answers to the following questions:
  1. Does the attorney have relevant practice and language knowledge if it is necessary in the area?
  2. Does the attorney have enough time to deal with the case?
  3. Is the value for money acceptable? and mainly
  4. Can you trust the attorney?
If one of the answers is no, you have to look for another attorney.


Ensuring the privacy of our clients and the proper organization of the work we only meet with clients upon appointment either via phone or e-mail.

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